In the Field

Purchasing and Using Environmentally Preferable Paper

The Paper Task Force authored Recommendations for Purchasing and Using Environmentally Preferable Paper with the goal: to identify ways to integrate environmental criteria into paper purchasing decisions on a par with traditional purchasing criteria, such as cost, availability and functionality. The document is base on research conducted by Paper Task Force in which they:

  • Developed a thorough understanding of key performance characteristics of various grades and uses of paper, and how such functional properties can be affected by changes in the fiber source or process used to make paper.
  • Reviewed available studies and developed our own analysis and models to elucidate the economics of paper production and use.

  • Explored environmental impacts associated with the production and use of paper

The Paper Task Force consists of four of America’s premier corporations from various sectors of the economy, a major university and a leading environmental advocacy organization each of which purchases and uses larges amounts of paper.