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Paper Recycling – EPA

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Common Waste & Materials – Paper Recycling

Paper is the most prevalent material in municipal solid waste (MSW) – more commonly known as trash or garbage – and as a result, paper recycling can help us reduce the amount of MSW. This Web area provides information on paper recycling for citizens, students, teachers, professional recyclers, and the paper industry.

Americans recycled more than 50 percent of the paper we used in 2007, but we need to do more. Recycling reduces greenhouse gas emissions, conserves natural resources, and saves landfill space. 80 percent of America’s paper mills are designed to use paper collected in recycling programs, and they depend on paper recycling to have the materials they need to operate.

The U.S. EPA provides detailed information about paper recycling, including:

  • Benefits of Paper Recycling
  • Source Reduction/Lightweighting
  • EPA’s Waste Reduction Goals
  • Paper Industry’s Recovery Goal
  • Use of Recovered Paper
  • Paper Making and Recycling
  • Best Practices

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