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Gibson Guitar settlement strikes chord with wood companies

From GreenBiz: A settlement reached with Gibson Guitar this month is held up as the first instance of action taken to enforce the Lacey Act’s provision for wood sourcing.

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Weyerhaeuser Names ATFS-Certified Wood as Preferred Purchase Option

From the Environmental Leader: Weyerhaeuser Company has announced its preference for purchasing wood certified under the American Tree Farm System, an independent certification designed for US family forest landowners and recognized by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

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Rising Carbon Dioxide in Atmosphere Also Speeds Carbon Loss from Forest Soils

From Science Daily: Elevated levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide accelerate carbon cycling and soil carbon loss in forests, new research led by an Indiana University biologist has found.

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A New Satellite Tool Tracks Deforestation

From The New York Times: An international team of researchers presented a new tool at the Rio+20 sustainability conference last week: the first satellite system for monitoring deforestation across Latin America in nearly real time. While such programs have existed in Brazil for several years, the program, called Terra-I, fills a much-needed gap for some smaller Latin countries that are losing forests at an equal or higher rate.

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New Data and Methods Paint Clearer Picture of Emissions from Tropical Deforestation

From Science Daily: A team led by researchers at Winrock International, a U.S. environmental nonprofit organization, has developed an estimate of gross carbon emissions from tropical deforestation for the early 2000s that is considerably lower than other recently published estimates.

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Google Earth Helping Amazon Tribe to Preserve Their Forest and Their Culture

From Treehugger: At the UN Rio+20 conference this week, Google revealed their first cultural map for Google Earth. The result of a five-year project with Brazil’s Surui tribe, the map consists of a collection of pictures, videos and 3-D visualizations mapping the cultural history and biodiversity of the 600,000-acre Surui territory. The map is part of a larger project with the Surui people to document and preserve their forests and culture.

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Can world’s ‘most threatened’ tribe be saved?

From Yahoo news: “When the forest is destroyed, they either flee or they simply die,” said Survival’s field director Fiona Watson, who has worked with and interviewed many of the 360 surviving Awá who are in contact with society. On her last visit, she told LiveScience, “They were saying to me, ‘We’re suffering from hunger now.'”

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Kimberly-Clark to Launch Bamboo Toilet Paper

From the Environmental Leader: Kimberly-Clark’s U.K. line of Andrex toilet tissue will launch Andrex Eco, made with 90 percent recycled fiber and 10 percent bamboo, the company said.

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Energy Use in Manufacturing Down 10% in Four Years

From the Environmental Leader: Energy consumption in the U.S. manufacturing sector fell from 21,098 trillion Btu (tBtu) in 2006 to 19,062 tBtu in 2010, a decline of almost 10 percent, based on preliminary estimates released from the 2010 Manufacturing Energy Consumption Survey (MECS), a quadrennial report from the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

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New Research Can Save Tropical Forests

From Science Daily: Scientists from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, have investigated how much carbon the natural forests of Sri Lanka contain. The results are important for work to reduce deforestation of tropical countries, and for international negotiations in climate policy relating to a new climate agreement.

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