In the Field

Forest Certification Resource Center (FCRC)

Metafore’s FCRC, launched in September 2001, is a comprehensive resource that helps businesses and consumers make informed decisions by providing accurate, objective information about forest certification.

Growing environmental awareness and consumer demand for more socially responsible businesses helped third-party forest certification emerge in the 1990s as a credible tool for communicating the environmental and social performance of forest operations.

There are many potential users of certification, including: forest managers, investors, environmental advocates, business consumers of wood and paper and individuals.

With forest certification, an independent organization develops standards of good forest management, and independent auditors issue certificates to forest operations that comply with those standards. This certification verifies that forests are well-managed—as defined by a particular standard—and ensures that certain wood and paper products come from responsibly managed forests.

Third-party forest certification is an important tool for those seeking to ensure that the paper and wood products they purchase and use come from forests that are well-managed and legally harvested. Incorporating third-party certification into forest product procurement practices can be a centerpiece for comprehensive wood and paper policies that include factors such as the protection of sensitive forest values, thoughtful material selection and efficient use of products.

The FCRC provides information about how certification works, the different certification schemes as well as statistics and current events in the forest certification marketplace. FCRC does not promote one certification system over another but instead seeks to encourage the certification of the 90% of the world’s forests that are not currently certified.

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