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Compensated Deforestation Reduction – EDF

Compensated Reduction and Climate Change:
Cutting greenhouse gas emissions by slowing tropical deforestation

Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are produced primarily by industrial processes, power plant and car motors (mostly by burning fossil fuels). But there is a fourth major source of GHG emissions that is too often neglected: tropical deforestation. The clearing and burning of tropical forests accounts for up to 25% of annual anthropogenic GHG emissions. If current rates of deforestation are not reduced sharply, the continued loss of forests poses a major threat to the global climate system.

A system designed to reduce emissions will only be successful if it addresses both the burning of fossil fuels and tropical deforestation. Compensated Reduction is a plan that provides incentives for developing countries to reduce their deforestation rates.

Download a Compensated Reduction overview.