Forests are Vital

Forests provide ecological, economic and recreational benefits that support the health of the planet in many ways. To list just a few…

  • Forests contain 70 percent of the world’s biodiversity in only 31 percent of its land cover.1
  • Forests provide vital habitat and ecosystem services including flood control, soil protection and climate change mitigation.
  • Forests support the livelihoods of as many as 300 million people.

There are many challenges facing the world’s forest today including illegal logging, deforestation, forest conversion and much more. This section explores these challenges as well as current and potential initiatives underway to protect and promote one of the earth’s most critical ecosystems.

Source: Forest Resource Assessment 2010

1. Global Forest Resources Assessment 2010, Key findings. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 2010. (

How are harvested trees used?
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There are many different types of products that come from harvesting trees. The norm is not to harvest a tree for a single product, but to maximize use and derive a diverse range of goods. As a result, on average more than 90 percent of a tree that is harvested in Canada and the United States is utilized to create a product.