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Kimberly-Clark to Launch Bamboo Toilet Paper

From the Environmental Leader: Kimberly-Clark’s U.K. line of Andrex toilet tissue will launch Andrex Eco, made with 90 percent recycled fiber and 10 percent bamboo, the company said.

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US Recycling Rate Inches Up: 34.1% in 2010

From Sustainable Business News: For 2010, the US recycling rate inched up to 34.1%, reports the US EPA. That’s a slight rise from the 33.8% recycling rate in 2009, but still nothing to get excited about. The amount of garbage … Continue reading

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Who Will Solve the e-Waste Collection Challenge?

From the Environmental Leader: Electronic waste is the fastest growing waste stream in the US and the e-waste handlers can’t keep up.  So who do they turn to for help?  Paper recyclers.  (Cue the super hero soundtrack).At this week’s Paper … Continue reading

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Leading brands to pilot new recycling label in 2012

From Packaging Digest: Sustainability nonprofit GreenBlue has released a new report, “Labeling for Package Recovery,” and announced details for a 2012 national pilot of the new Packaging Recovery Label System, a voluntary label developed by the organization’s Sustainable Packaging Coalition … Continue reading

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Defining Recycled Content in Paper Products

From the Environmental Leader: In papermaking, we typically refer to two distinctly different sources of recycled fiber, most commonly referred to as post consumer or post industrial sources. Sometimes the term pre-consumer will be used interchangeably with post industrial fiber. … Continue reading

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Cup Recycling Takes Stage at Starbucks’ 2011 Cup Summit

From the Environmental Leader: Video from Starbucks’ 2011 Cup Summit in Boston. The first panel took place inn 2008, when Starbucks engaged the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Society for Organizational Learning to help explore a systems thinking approach … Continue reading

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Paper mill waste recycled into foam

From Gizmag: In a world increasingly concerned with waste, the smart manufacturers are identifying ways of utilizing the by-products of manufacturing and creating two products from one process. One example – a graduate student in agriculture at the Hebrew University … Continue reading

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GreenBlue offers tips on desiging recyclability into packaging

From GreenBiz: To give designers a better idea of how mixed materials, labels, dyes and other packaging additions affect composting and recycling, nonprofit GreenBlue has developed a set of design guides.

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Eco-friendly napkins?

From Mother Nature Network: Recycling napkins can present technical problems but several companies are figuring out the best ways to divert these paper products from landfills.

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US recycling rates rise, but remain below potential

From Sustainable Business News: In 2009, the US generated 243 million tons of MSW, down from 251 million tons in 2008.

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