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Energy Use in Manufacturing Down 10% in Four Years

From the Environmental Leader: Energy consumption in the U.S. manufacturing sector fell from 21,098 trillion Btu (tBtu) in 2006 to 19,062 tBtu in 2010, a decline of almost 10 percent, based on preliminary estimates released from the 2010 Manufacturing Energy … Continue reading

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Pulp Mill ‘Right-Sizes’ One Motor, Saves 800 MWH/Year

From Environmental Leader: No one wants to be responsible for building an industrial system that under-performs. But when equipment is oversized, energy efficiency can drop – and costs rise.

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The World Can Switch to Renewables by 2050 and Save $85 Billion Doing It

From Sustainable Business News: The world can switch to clean energy sources by 2050 without great expense while maintaining a reliable power supply, according to a report by a Synapse Energy Economics on behalf of the Civil Society Institute.

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Wood Biofuel Could Be a Competitive Industry by 2020

From Science Daily: Fuel made from wood could become a competitive commercial alternative to fuel made from corn by 2020 if the wood biofuel industry is supported, according to a new University of British Columbia study.

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Need for Efficiency Drives Printing Industry Toward Sustainability

From the Environmental Leader: As the Printing Industries of America points out, running a sustainable printing business requires a holistic approach, rather than a disjointed set of efforts. First, it includes ensuring that the actual product you are printing (whether … Continue reading

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Analysis: Promising biodiesel crop needs time to prove itself

From Reuters: Several new companies are betting on the little-known pongamia pinnata tree as a biodiesel feedstock that does not hurt food production, but a decade or more of research and development is still needed to determine its value as … Continue reading

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Production of Biofuel from Forests Will Increase Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Study Finds

From Science Daily: The largest and most comprehensive study yet done on the effect of biofuel production from West Coast forests has concluded that an emphasis on bioenergy would increase carbon dioxide emissions from these forests at least 14 percent, … Continue reading

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The Biomass Carbon Debate: When To Start Counting?

From Renewable Energy: In June 2010, the Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences released the results of a study on burning woody biomass for energy in Massachusetts. Since then, several critiques have appeared, including one recently published in the July/August 2011 … Continue reading

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Turning wood into oil, in two simple steps

From Reuters: Efficiency and simplicity have long eluded renewable-fuel researchers, but a Maine scientist has developed a two-step process he says can make oil from the cellulose in wood fiber.

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U.S. gives $136 million for advanced biofuels research

From Reuters: U.S. university researchers will get $136 million to develop advanced biofuels, including to develop jet fuel, by using tall grasses, woody plants and energy cane, the U.S. government said on Wednesday.

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