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Floor of Oldest Fossilized Forest Discovered: 385 Million Years Old

From Science Daily: Scientists from Binghamton University and Cardiff University, and New York State Museum researchers, and have reported the discovery of the floor of the world’s oldest forest in a cover article in the March 1 issue of Nature. … Continue reading

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The Brazilian Rainforest : Caught Between Biodiversity and Business

From Science Daily: Brazil is exporting more and more agricultural produce: soya beans and beef in particular, but also corn, rice and sugar. Taken together, these exports represent half of Brazil’s total today. The increase in the export of commodities … Continue reading

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Communities help pay for ecosystem services provided by forests

From High Country News: Strontia Springs Reservoir, 30 miles south of Denver, Colo., looks like water you’d want to scoop up in your dipper. Sunshine and pine reflect off its aqua-blue surface. But 16 years ago, it looked more like … Continue reading

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Saving the Amazon: Winning the war on deforestation

From the BBC: For years, the story told about the Amazon has been one of destruction – the world’s largest rainforest, a region of amazing biodiversity, key to the fight against climate change, being remorselessly felled. But that is no … Continue reading

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A Green Veneer: Sweden’s Forestry Industry Gets Low Marks Despite Reputation

From National Geographic: A recent reporting assignment concerning Sweden’s forest industry took me from Stockholm to areas far to the north and west, where the country’s forestry model, trumpeted as the most sustainable forest cutting system in the world, was … Continue reading

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Reclaiming Land After a Forest Fire

From Science Daily: Wildfires cause tragic losses to life, property, and the environment. But even after the fire rages, the damage is far from done. Without vegetation, bare, burnt soil lies vulnerable to erosion, which can impede efforts towards natural … Continue reading

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Forest Health Versus Global Warming: Fuel Reduction Likely to Increase Carbon Emissions

From Science Daily: Forest thinning to help prevent or reduce severe wildfire will release more carbon to the atmosphere than any amount saved by successful fire prevention, a new study concludes.

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Burning wood for power would threaten forests

From the Lexington Herald Leader:  The Nov. 27 editorial was correct in asserting that Kentucky needs to diversify its energy portfolio and take meaningful steps toward joining other states in capitalizing on renewable sources of energy and the jobs that … Continue reading

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Global Forests Are Overlooked as Water Suppliers, Study Shows

From Science Daily: The forests of the world supply a significant amount of moisture that creates rain. A new study published in Global Change Biology reveals how this important contribution of forests to the hydrologic cycle is often overlooked in … Continue reading

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Fighting for the forest: The roadless warrior

From Nature: The Malvinas natural-gas plant might seem the ultimate insult to a largely unspoiled tropical paradise, particularly for a lifelong conservationist such as Babbitt, who served as Secretary of the Interior — responsible for managing much of the United … Continue reading

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