About the Paper Life Cycle

The Paper Life Cycle project is a multi-stakeholder initiative that provides key environmental information about the sourcing, production, use and end of life of paper so that buyers of paper and fiber-based products can make better-informed, more sustainable purchasing decisions.

This online resource promotes greater understanding of the key issues throughout the paper supply chain, covering topics such as climate change, forest practice management, recycling, illegal logging, energy use and product performance.

Launched in July 2010, this new online interactive resource was developed by sustainability nonprofit GreenBlue, in collaboration with stakeholders across the paper supply chain including associations, manufacturers, paper buyers, academic institutions, and NGOs.

Drawing on extensive firsthand experience in the field, industry specialists have contributed in-depth analyses of the major challenges and opportunities impacting the paper life cycle from manufacturing to end-use and recovery.  Forest trend reports, white papers, case studies and fact sheets are available to download and users can access regular updates and expert opinion on the latest industry news.

As environmental stewardship issues affect the paper supply chain both domestically and internationally, the Paper Life Cycle is intended to broaden its scope over time to act as a global resource with credible and accessible information that will encourage more sustainable paper purchasing decisions.  The Paper Life Cycle project will be updated continuously by Metafore to reflect current issues, new thinking, recent reports and developments across the paper supply chain.   

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GreenBlue is a nonprofit that equips business with the science and resources to make products more sustainable. GreenBlue’s Forest Products program develops resources and seeks solutions for issues that span across the entire life cycle of forest products. Read more at: www.greenblue.org